Our team of highly trained professionals works tirelessly and effectively with investors to develop, implement, and manage a unique individual portfolios that satisfies their investment goal. 

Today’s high-stakes real-estate environment provides significant opportunities that are not necessarily readily recognizable and may be transient, making it essential to work with a firm that recognizes opportunities and exploits them before they disappear. Whether an owner or investor, navigating a market that requires depth of knowledge and specific management expertise is promoted by dealing with a firm whose reputation is unparalleled and of long-standing. BMORE exhibits the ability to rapidly assemble highly complex deals directed by experience, professionalism, and an inherent ability to finesse even the most sophisticated transactions. BMORE can provide the expertise and commitment that will maximize value from initial inquiries to closing the deal.  High-profitable deals both locally and further afield in this rapidly changing and challenging market are hard to come by, but through experience and relationships BMORE has successful in getting the most out of real estate investments.  BMORE will ensure it’s investors generate high returns while staying within their risk tolerance level.    BMORE has successfully been involved in the acquiring the following asset types:

• Office, Industrial, and Retail Income-Producing Commercial Property
• High End – Residential Home Acquisitions and Development
• Class A – C Multifamily Apartment Buildings
• Condo Converting Opportunities
• Mortgage / Loan Acquisitions
• Hard Money Lending
• Bridge Financing